Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Curse Search Engines

So, I forgot what was the URL for my own blog so I decided to try and search engine it (Yes, I also forgot that I can just got to blogger/ and sign in and get to my blog). Anyways, so I decided to type in "jaqANDcheez" since it is our username and name of our blog. And my results? NOTHING!
Google: Your search - jaqANDcheez - did not match any documents.
Yahoo: We did not find results for: jaqandcheez.
We did not find any results for jaqANDcheez.

What does it take to be on a search engine? Sigh. It appears that we have made it no where.
But it appears that if you take out the and and just put in "jaq cheez" you can find some random stuff totally unrelated to us. GODDAMN SEARCH ENGINES! I should make a wikipedia page.

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