Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ze Treazure Hunt

I love going to thrift shops and find good old stuff. Today's finds are records! It took fucking forever sifting through sleeve after sleeve of literally 10 racks but I came upon a few goodies.

"Make it with You" is such a bow-chika-bow-bow song. Gets the lady in the mooooood.

For the last few months I've been really into French-cafe-jazz-accordion-whatever-you-call-it.

2 record set and the records are in pristine condition! Oh what a find! Buddy Rich is a bad ass drummer and its got some good solos to prove it!

Save the best for last. Another record from the same collection and this too is in pristine condition! She's a really good jazz vocalist that everyone should check out if you don't know already. I just wish the art director or whoever decided on the cover art should've thought about it a little more. I'll just say it. Bukkake. Ugh I need to shower.

There were other records of the same collection but I was too lazy to go to the ATM. I'll be back to get the others though. I hid the rest between some crappy looking records.

Anyway I'm still hunting around for a good road bike. I talked to this one guy at my local bike shop and he referred me to one of his friends who sells used bikes but its in the San Fernando Valley. Faaaar! We'll see what's up. That's all for now. Or until I get bored.

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